Company Skovmaskiner Silvatec A/S from Denmark has a rich history and rich experience in manufacturing forestry machinery. Due to lack of investment in development in the past their machines have become uncompetitive on the market and in 2014 were no longer achieving the European ecological standards. In the re-engineering work on the Sleipner tree harvester the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Installation of Mercedes engine Tier 4 Final 
  • Ergonomic redesign of the cabin interior
  • Redesign of the engine hood
  • Redistribution of the machine mass
  • Installation of the latest crane of brand Loglift
  • Re-engineered cabin climate control
  • Installation of the latest electronic package for harvester machine control and operation
  • Machine systems connected over CAN-bus.
  • Selection of components based on the customer price/performance and wishes

Technical specifications:

  • weight: 20.000 kg
  • engine: Mercedes OM936LA Tier 4 Final
  • power: 230 kW or 210 kW
  • drive: 8×8 or 6×6
  • cab tilt: 10° in all directions
  • cab rotation: +/- 90°
  • crane: Mesera Loglift 280, 240 or 220

The development was co-funded by the European Union within the Eureka project.

Presentation of the prototype at the company Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S, Farsø, Danska.

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