Ris is an add-on for all types of motocross bikes, which transforms the bike into a snowbike with continuous track propulsion. The snowbike is nimbler, and in our opinion more fun, than a regular snowmobile. A relaxing cruise on a snowy track can escalate into a wild adventure through the forest in an instant. Ris enables the rider to go up and down steep inclines and over deep snow, only a few snowmobiles can handle, even though it is narrower and nimbler – 320 mm wide track with 52 mm blades.

The set contains everything needed to transform a 450 ccm bike into a sporty snow vehicle – front wheel is swapped for a sky and the back for a continuous track. Conversion time is about an hour.

RTC designed Ris for a Maribor based company and created documentation and tooling for independent production.

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