Wheely is  current project of RTC d.o.o., which, in cooperation with company Park avto and co-financing of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, will offer an electric car for people in a wheelchair in the coming years. The vehicle has been designed from the concept onwards to be used by people on a wheelchair. It allows them to enter, exit and use the vehicle without the assistance of another person. This gives them a system that brings the rear of the vehicle closer to the ground – making entry as easy as traveling on a horizontal wheelchair ramp.

The vehicle has the advantages of an electric vehicle (quiet operation, no gearshifting) while providing the driver and passenger with a comfortable, air-conditioned ride. With a range of up to 250km, top speed of 90km / h, it allows the user frequent driving and carefree movements in the city.

However, since the vehicle is intended for wheelchair users in every way, the information and display system is also specifically designed for these people. The newly designed ICT system provides the driver with information on availability status of  charging stations at establishments and the destinations to which it is intended, the permanent possibility of a two-way connection to the control panel via wireless network (software updates, telemetry or customer assistance).

According to the number of potential users (users of wheelchairs), which according to the European Union is 1% of the population which is 5 million users in EU countries, we are convinced, that they need to be offered a vehicle that is built to their needs.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


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