Prototyping & Manufacturing Technology

We create design study and function study models in different scales, which make the final product easier to imagine. Before start of production, we make fully functional prototypes and check the production processes on a smaller series of products. Production is a financially demanding stage, that is why it must be well thought out and make most of the manufacturer’s capacity.

Models and prototypes
To evaluate the shape and size of the product, we make different models. With the help of prototypes, we confirm appearance, function, ergonomics and production processes.
Testing and homologating
Most products require validation and authorization to enter different markets. We work closely with product certification centers and implement our own measurements.
Process development
Capacity utilization through thoughtful processes to achieve low production costs, reproducibility and quality.
Technology development or/and transfer
A good understanding and the right choice of technologies have a major impact on the production cost of the product. We investigate possible routes through a network of experienced partners.
A clear definition of production technologies prevents irregularities in the production process.
Intruduction into production
The zero series is used to check the flawlessness of the production process. It also serves as an educational course for manufacturing workers.
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