About us

Research Technology Center, RTC d.o.o. is a research, design and development office, covering multiple industry fields. We have a rich history of developing machines and means of transport for civil, army and public sector.

The Institute RTC was established in the year 2000 as a non-profit organization. It served as an R&D centre for four companies with the common interest of developing tractors and buses. RTC became a specialist for pressing tools and tools for cabin interior covers. In 2011 the company was reformed into a private limited company (Ltd.) with the main focus on construction and forest machinery development. We are currently focused on green energy and development of electric vehicles.

RTC offers services in the research and development area, connecting seperate companies to accomplish bigger projects and consults on their development and business challenges. RTC offers companies educational services and provides regulations and standards for a diverse field of technical projects. RTC services small and medium-sized enterprises localy and abroad. It operates internationally as a long-term development and service partner for companies.

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